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  • dental veterinary bur char

    Preserving Your Four-Legged Friend’s Oral Wellness: The Veterinary-Dental Bur Chart It’s no secret that oral health is an important aspect of a pet’s overall wellbeing. But, unfort……...
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  • dental burs rusting

    Dentists and hygienists rely heavily on dental burs to help form, sculpt, and eliminate decay from teeth, in order to ensure readiness for any potential restorations. However, despite their vital ro……...
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  • upper dental partial and drilled holes to fi

    An Introduction to Upper Dental Partial and Drilled Holes Missing teeth or other dental issues can be solved with a dental partial, and the latest trends employ the featuring of drilled holes to mak……...
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  • carbide surgical bur

    Medical professionals rely on carbide surgical burs to make precise incisions in a broad range of materials, from bone and metal to plastic and rubber. This essential surgical instrument is vital du……...
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  • hurst family dental van buren ar

    For more than 25 years, The Hurst Family Dental Clinic in Van Buren, Arkansas has been the trusted source of dental care for the locals. This family-run clinic offers a wide variety of treatments sp……...
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  • sirona milling burs

    With over three and a half decades of experience, Sirona’s reputation for manufacturing dependable and surperior quality dental tools and products is well established. Their machine-grade milling bu……...
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  • straight fissure carbide bur

    Dental professionals have long made use of Straight Fissure Carbide Burs to achieve optimal results for various operations. This cylindrical rotary tool is composed of a hard, carbide material and i……...
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  • lisa miller van buren freshman academy

    Nested in the vibrant Van Buren area of Chicago, Illinois stands the prestigious Lisa Miller Van Buren Freshman Academy. This public high school educates students from ninth grade through twelfth an……...
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  • 920a burs ceramic carbide nk1

    The 920A Burs Ceramic Carbide NK1 is a tough cutting tool, crafted from a durable ceramic material. This material does not succumb to wear and tear as easily as other materials and is extraordinaril……...
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  • sutton tools projects 5 piece carbide bur se

    The Sutton Tools 5 Piece Carbide Bur Set is an excellent choice for work, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. Ready to tackle any task, this reliable collection contains five variously-size……...
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