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  • tungsten carbide rose head burs

    The metalworking industry is no stranger to the capabilities and advantages of Tungsten Carbide Rose Head Burs. Their exceptional design makes them ideally suited for producing impeccably smooth, pr……...
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  • torpedo carbide bur

    Crafted from tungsten carbide, the torpedo carbide bur is a highly useful tool for professional machinists. Its cylindrical shape provides an excellent cutting edge which makes it suitable for a wid……...
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  • drill dental

    To maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, dental drills are a necessity for dentists. These handy tools help with eliminating decay from teeth, as well as prepping them for fillings, crowns, and mo……...
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  • dental bur 7904

    Dentists and dental hygienists rely on the dental bur 7904 for a range of mouth-related tasks. This rotary device enables them to shape, grind, and clean teeth and gums with ease. In addition, the i……...
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  • van buren cass county dental clinic

    Situated in the vibrant center of Van Buren, Iowa, the Van Buren Cass County Dental Clinic is an indispensable asset to the community. The clinic was founded in 1979 and for the past four decades ha……...
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  • dental bur baske

    A dental hygienist’s workspace can be kept tidy and germ-free with the help of the trusty dental bur basket. This handy little container is an essential item in any dental hygienist’s to……...
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  • bur oak dental gupta

    Serving the Oakville community with advanced dental services for the past 30 years, Bur Oak Dental Gupta has built a sterling reputation led by prominent dentist, Dr. Jyoti Gupta. Since 1987 she has……...
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  • 557 carbide bur

    Metal workers, carpenters, and machinists alike have come to rely on the indispensable tool known as a carbide bur. Composed of a cutting head crafted from tungsten carbide and a body made of harden……...
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  • heartland dental van buren hours

    Residents of the Van Buren area are spoiled with unparalleled dental care and services at the Heartland Dental office. Offering generous hours Monday to Thursday from 8 am-5 pm and 8 am-2 pm on Frid……...
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  • 65 dental forceps

    When it comes to grooming our pearly whites, dental forceps are paramount among the tools used in dentistry. These helpful instruments are used to grip and remove dental pieces like teeth, crowns, a……...
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