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  • special bur in a dental drill

    Dentistry wouldn’t be the same without the trusty dental drill, which serves as a multi-faceted tool for shaping, cleaning, and preparing teeth for various treatments. This versatile machine i……...
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  • antique dental forceps

    Through the centuries, dental forceps have become invaluable tools in the dental profession, used for extracting and manipulating teeth and other structures located within the oral cavity. The earli……...
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  • 6 round carbide burs surgical

    Tissue can be cut and shaped precisely and effectively thanks to carbide burs, a type of surgical instrument crafted from a hard material – namely, tungsten carbide – with a rounded end.……...
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  • types of dental diamond burs

    The dental practice is incomplete without the essential tool that is the diamond burr. These are employed in a variety of tasks, ranging from contouring and polishing tooth enamel to eradicating too……...
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  • long shank dental burs

    Working in dentistry demands the right instruments to get the job done. Long shank dental burs, a must-have tool of the trade, come in assorted shapes and sizes. Let’s examine what these long shafte……...
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  • use dental carbide burs in dremel tool

    Dremel tools equipped with dental carbide burs are now more prevalent than ever, and for good reason. Whether you are a trained dental professional or a DIY enthusiast, these tools offer an expediti……...
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  • dental implants van buren arkansas

    Missing teeth can be replaced permanently by dental implants, designed to replicate the look and feel of real teeth. In Van Buren, Arkansas, patients now have access to a secure, long-term solution ……...
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  • veterinary dental extraction forceps

    Veterinary dental extraction forceps are critical instruments used to deliver top-tier dental care for cats and dogs. These metallic helpers provide the strength needed to grip and extract teeth fro……...
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  • sc-3 cylindrical ball nose solid carbide bur double cu

    With its advanced cutting strength and ball nose tip, the SC-3 Cylindrical Ball Nose Solid Carbide Bur Double Cut is an ideal choice for industrial machining needs. Built from resilient high-grade c……...
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  • dental drill hoses

    As a dentist, having the correct dental drill hose is of paramount importance. Dependent upon this piece of equipment, a wide variety of dental procedures can be conducted – from drilling to p……...
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