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  • Step Bur Milling Bur Grinder for Glass Cerami

    Feature: 1. The glass-ceramic bur carving knife is made of stainless steel and is precisely made. 2. It is suitable for the processing of glass and ceramic magnetic blocks. Instructions for use: 1.……...
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  • Optimization of zirconia denture milling process parameters and its processing experiment

    In order to reasonably select the process parameters and the machining path planning method during the milling of the primary sintered zirconia ceramic denture, in order to improve the machining eff……...
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  • Dental Milling Cutter

    If you use zirconia, cobalt chrome, titanium, nanocomposites, polymethylmethacrylate or wax, MSK has the best milling cutter for the dental material you want to machine. Coatings specially adapted ……...
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  • Zirconia Denture Machining Cutter

    Micro-nano diamond composite coating Ball head edge lengthened design Chamfered shank for easier clamping The tool is passivated and sharpened before coating, improving tool life and coating adhesio……...
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  • Structure and working principle of dental implant drill

    Structure of the dental implant drill   The dental drill consists of a shaft and a working part, and the working part is made of steel or hard alloy, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, ……...
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  • What Do You Know About Carbide Burs?

    Dental emery burs are consumables used by stomatologists. They are mainly composed of bur handle and emery. The material of the bur handle is stainless steel, and the emery is embedded on the workin……...
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