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Dental surgical bur

Comprised of a small, cylindrical tip attached to a handpiece that is spun rapidly, a dental surgical bur is a tool frequently used by dental professionals. By selecting the appropriate size and shape, the bur can effectively cut through bone and tissue for a wide range of procedures. In short, it’s an indispensable part of modern dentistry.

Teeth have been attended to for as long as we can remember, and throughout the years various instruments were developed in order to facilitate such practices. From the outset, metal was utilized for the purpose of crafting tools of this nature, and after carefully sterilizing them, they could be reused multiple times. Fast forward to present times and burs now come in a variety of different sterile and disposable materials such as tungsten carbide and diamond.

Assorted tasks pertaining to dentistry can be accomplished with the help of dental burs, among which are:

A burr is utilized to craft and form the desired architectural makeup of a tooth in order that it may securely accommodate a dental crown.

The use of burs is essential for forming the proper groundwork of a tooth structure, providing the basis for a dental bridge to be installed.

Extracting teeth requires some advanced instruments – and in many cases, burs are one of the tools utilized to help free them up prior to being removed.

To gain access to the root canal system, burs are rotated in a precise manner to craft the opening.

The process of dental implants involves the utilization of burs to fashion the necessary pilot hole.

To support the fitting of orthodontic appliances, burs can be put into use to alter the morphology of teeth.

Throughout the ages, advances in technology have resulted in a continuous refinement of the burs used in dentistry. At present, these burs are increasingly sophisticated, enabling them to be employed for many dental techniques.

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