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What Do You Know About Carbide Burs?

Dental emery burs are consumables used by stomatologists. They are mainly composed of bur handle and emery. The material of the bur handle is stainless steel, and the emery is embedded on the working head of the bur handle by inlaying the sand.


It can be inserted into a high-speed mobile phone to help stomatologists open cavities and repair teeth. If the dentist’s mobile phone is likened to a hand-held drill, the bur is equivalent to the drill bit on the drill.


The diamond bur head has fine diamond particles attached to the periphery of the drill bit. These diamond particles have been processed by decontamination, demagnetization, spheronization and purification, and have excellent sharpness and wear resistance.


■In the process of using the emery bur, the emery will gradually fall off. Usually, the service life of the emery bur will come to an end when the emery is half dropped.


General blue marking ring Or not marked with color is the commonly used standar


Post time: 2022-05-17